Black Radish, Cough Remedy!

Black radish (Raphanus sativus varieta niger L.) has a long history of medicinal uses. In ancient Egypt, it was considered sacred and used together with garlic to fight all kinds of infections. In Ayurvedic healing practices, radishes are said to have cleansing effects, helping break down and eliminate toxins and cancer-promoting free radicals in the body. They have been used in Asia to treat bronchitis and coughs for thousands of years.

How to prepare your Magical Cough Remedy?

1 medium size black radish

2 tablespoons organic raw honey

Wash and dry the radish. Trim the bottom a bit and place the radish on top of a small bowl or glass. Cut off the top part, which will serve as a lid. Make a hole in the middle and put two tablespoons of honey, cover with the cut off top. Let it stand overnight and in the morning, there will be honey-sweetened radish juice in the glass.

Drink 1 teaspoon for kids, 1 tablespoon for adults 3 times a day.

You can make yourselves another dose, using the same radish. Change the radish after you have used it three times.

It is advised not to give honey to babies less than 12 months of age due to chance of botulism. Also, some people are allergic to honey so please only try if you or your child is not allergic to honey.

Black Radish, Cough Remedy!

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