Hard part is over...

Okay, so I decided on my surgeon for my mastectomy, my plastic surgeon for my reconstructive surgery and scheduled it. November 9th will be the nipple delay surgery... This is something my surgeon offered and made sense to me.

During this procedure, they will remove a small amount of tissue from beneath the nipple to ensure that it isn't malignant so we will know if they can do nipple sparing mastectomy, meaning they can use my own nipples. They will also remove 2 lymph nodes in the underarm area (axillary nodes) to check for cancer cells.

This all went well. Nipple pathology came clean... Yeyy I can have my own nipples. And my lymph nodes are clean which is even more important because the presence or absence of cancer in these nodes is one of the most important factors affecting cancer stage and prognosis.

Now I will heal for 10 days and do my mastectomy on November 19th.

The big day comes, 5:15am we are in the hospital... My surgeon and plastic surgeon are both there. I love them... they are smiling, they love what they do, they are good at what they do and they both give me great energy. This will all go well:)

Surgery went well, at least that's what they said. I love the fact that I don't remember even going to the operation room. Last sentence I remember is "We'll give you a cocktail that will make you relax"

Waking up in the recovery room I feel like I was run over by a truck. It feels as if my ribs are all broken.. Not that I know how that feels cause before these surgeries I didn't have any other surgeries in my life. Not even stiches... The only time I was at a hospital was for my 2 child births. Natural... easy...

3 days in the hospital... I should say that wasn't that bad. Painkillers, YES big time. And most important the help and support of my husband... I don't know how I would have survived those 3 days without him. It wasn't the pain but you loose a part of your body, as a women, as a mom, your breast are big part of you and now instead of your breasts you have these expanders that feel like rocks inside your skin. Again they say, this will all feel more natural... slowly...

Healing after the surgery goes on at home. I was doing really good. The drains were a bit annoying but you learn that somehow people can get used to anything. I think for me the hardest thing during recovery is not to being able to take a shower and sleeping on my back.

Since I did my surgery on the 19th, Thanksgiving was right around the corner. We decided with my family and friends that we will do it at my house. They will all bring the food and we'll celebrate. It is my favorite holiday of the year! And my sister is coming to visit me.. yeyyy:))

A few tips/tricks before your surgery;

🔸My surgeon recommended that I start taking a few supplements/vitamins before my surgery for optimal healing... I highly recommend them but of course always check with your surgeon before taking any supplements/vitamins.

Arnica (help with bruising and swelling)

Take two capsules the day before surgery and two a day for the following 6 days after surgery.

Bromelain 500 mg (helps with infections)

Take one tablet once daily prior to surgery and one week after surgery.

Vitamin C 1000mg tablets

Take one tablet once daily prior to surgery and one week after surgery.


Take one tablet once daily prior to surgery and one week after surgery.

Zinc 50 mg

Take one tablet once daily prior to surgery and one week after surgery.

🔸Bring a few personal items to the hospital... I love having my kids pictures, my healing crystals, books and of course my phone for some music and instagram:)

🔸Make sure you have someone that can bring you nutritious food during your hospital stay. No matter what hospital, unfortunately hospital food sucks big time.

🔸After your surgery you will feel like you can not get out of that bed but trust me once you do, you feel much better. So try sitting and even taking short walks at the hospital aisle a few times a day. It makes a big difference.

🔸Drink water, water, water... That's the best way to get rid of the anesthesia.

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