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All I can think about the last few days is "moms", other moms, all moms going thru this, cancer or any other sickness...

As moms we get used to taking care of others. Our kids, our family becomes our lives.

What happens when this dynamic changes and when we are sick?

Who takes care of us?

Do we even remember how to take care of ourselves? Take a moment to ourselves?

How many times a day we hear the word "mommy", "mama", "mom"?

Now I know, now I try to remember to stop and say "Mamma needs a break" , "Mamma needs to rest"

But I have the luxury of saying this. I have help. I have a great community of people helping me in my journey. I have my husband and his amazing support. I have my mom here with me. I have the means to take care of myself.

What if you're alone?

What if you have to work to survive?

What if you are pregnant or have a newborn?

What if you are a single mom?

What if you live in a one bedroom apartment with your family?

What if you don't have a sacred space to be alone, to listen to yourself, to heal yourself?

What if you don't have the means or knowledge to take care of yourself?

What do these women do? How do they go thru this? How do they survive?

How can I help these women?

Yes I have cancer.

But I am lucky.


But you have cancer!

I AM lucky. I can sit down in front of my fireplace, in my bedroom, by myself while my kids are taken care of, my food is getting cooked, my green juice is cold pressed...

I AM lucky to get my supplements without thinking how much they cost since they are not covered by insurance... I AM able to go to my acupuncturist just because I believe it may help my healing process.

What if I had to go to work after each chemo session?

What if I had to come home after a work day and cook for my kids?

What if I had to take care of them when I need to be taken care of?

How do they do it?


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