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Breathwork session

Transformation through Conscious Breathing and Gentle Body Mapping

  • 50 min
  • 200 US dollars
  • Pacific Palisades|Calabasas

Transformational Breath® is a diaphragmatic, circular breathing technique. In a Transformational Breath® session, your facilitator will use proven gentle movement, sound vibration techniques, and simple core affirmations, so you achieve and maintain the wave-like "full circular breath" pattern. This activates a high frequency of electromagnetic vibration throughout the body and mind. According to the scientific principle of entrainment, low-frequency energy patterns are raised and transformed in the presence of the higher-frequency energy state. This clears blockages within the energy systems. What can be experienced during a Transformational Breath® session? There is no set or predictable experience during or after a session. Since you are an individual, your experience will reflect your uniqueness. Common patterns include tingling sensations, temporary dry mouth, feelings of joy, and even mystical adventures. Some experience buried emotions that are integrated and healed in the session. During the first couple of sessions, you may experience tetany. The session may be occasionally uncomfortable due to the emotional content, but it is paradoxically blissful at the same time. In an altered state of consciousness, the individual's higher self guides the healing, providing only what is needed with a feeling of absolute safety. It is best to let go of your expectations and judgments so you can accept the part of you that wants to heal. Every session is unique, based on the pieces that are present for integration.

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