Coaching/ Talent & HR friends - I recommend this course with Sezin. Its a great way to bring in new perspectives, particularly for balance coaching. Having something visual and tangible to play with, really sparks creative thought and brings unexpected insights. I’m sure you’ll love it too and Sezinis brilliant

Jasmine Ferres, Founder + Executive Coach at Tosha Coaching

Los Angeles, CA

Points of You is a brilliantly conceived and designed game, specifically created to make users develop different perspectives and think in inspirational manners. Perfect for coaches, and its uses are infinite – a daily self-guidance tool, a workshop in a cloth package (did I mention that it is environmentally friendly?), solutions for problems and concerns, a layout chart for special readings, and fodder for coaching sessions with clients for as long as you can possibly imagine. It really is quite revolutionary and lots of fun as a bonus." ~ Laurie Lawson, CEC, PCC, Vice President, ICF-NYC

Laurie Lawson, CEC, PCC, Vice President, ICF-NYC

New York , USA

I just had the most amazing coaching experience with the coaching game: my coachee was blocked to make a career decision and couldn’t find out why, we used the coaching game with the awakeness layout chart and discovered a pattern she developed in each job she had. It is a very hurtful experience for her and she is scared that it will happen again. Now we can start working on it and overcome her blockage. I am so energised and happy about that. Thank you Points of You!!!

Nicole Kollars, HR Development and Management Trainer

Zurich, Switzerland

As a Transition Sherpa, I believe everything we need to create meaning, significance and healing in our  lives, is within us. During major transitions, we can become disconnected from knowing this. Points of You® coaching tools, help me help those I guide, to tune in and reconnect to what they know the best. Working from this place of knowing, provides those I guide with the perspective, clarity and direction needed to navigate their transition with confidence. Hand down, these tools have been the best investment and addition to this Sherpa's toolkit.

Shelley Keyes

Saskatchewan, Canada

Sezin Hason's Points of You workshop was an incredibly enriching experience. I felt challenged toward greater personal growth. Sezin's skill, encouragement and enthusiasm created a safe environment to explore my feelings, thoughts and beliefs. As a psychotherapist, I feel that the workshop could be a very adjunct to individual therapy.

Bahar Rinsler, MFT

Los Angeles, CA

I have been using Points of You® tools in my 1:1 coaching sessions and group settings for leaders, teams, human resources professionals, teachers, and even with my family and the results are unexpected but precise!!! I highly recommend this training! Plus Sezin is a very talented, knowledgeable and inspiring facilitator!!!

Lelu Pacheco

Orlando, Florida

As a coach, facilitator and trainer The Coaching Game has enabled my clients to obtain fresh perspectives and deep insights. It is an essential part of my coaching toolkit!

Niall Heenan, Coaching & Training


The act of unwrapping the games is the perfect metaphor for the discoveries that unfold as you play. Fresh, fun and innovative coaching process..

Marcy Nelson-Garrison,


Every single client that I worked with The Coaching Game was presented with a new insight. Every single one. That is priceless!

Anouk Boering, Go-Focus Coaching

The Netherlands

I loved it!!  It was so helpful.  You did a great job!! Thank you for including me 🙏 My inspiration from the session is to "rise to the occasion".  In the first 24 hours I pledged to hike to rise and see the big picture.  Here I am!!  I love what you are doing.  Thank you!!

Shel Pink

Los Angeles, CA

It was a pleasure to participate in your session. I love the cards, the stories and the music. I had a very good feeling during the whole session Your voice, your body language and the environment were perfect. Thank you so much. I would love to participate more.

Sigalit Khalili

Los Angeles, CA

Absolutely loved tonight - thank you for including me. 

Shelley Redding

Los Angeles, CA

I really enjoyed the presentation, got me thinking a lot of first impressions. Really trying to let others judgements not bother me and in return be very careful not to judge others.

Alison Eisen

Los Angeles, CA

It was an amazing experiencei!! I just told all about it to my neighbour! Please let me know when you have another workshop, I would love to join the group again.🙂

Have a great night.

Seren Gulen

Los Angeles, CA

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