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Peter Simmonds, PCC

Sezin brings a wonderful energy to any room she facilitates and is a pleasure to work with. She strikes the perfect balance of kindness and compassion with strength and challenge. It creates a space where all can be real and hold authentic conversations required for personal growth. I have been trained and coached by Sezin and have trained with Sezin and will continue to be a total advocate of her work and whatever path she takes. She recently adapted to running virtual workshops and I can attest to that fact that very little was lost as far as how she shows up and the energy and inspiration she brings. Thank you for all that you do to make a difference Sezin

Suki Tong, MA

Child & Adolescent Health

Sezin is an awesome Master coach. I absolutely love her coaching sessions. What I appreciate about her coaching sessions is the ability to hold space for the participants and the clarity in coaching. I've been greatly blessed by her workshops.

Eva Szekeres, MA, PCC

Sezin is an amazing facilitator. She is very sensitive, fun, and authentic. Her groups immediately jell because of the intimate and trust-based atmosphere she can create with her presence. The workshop was deep, thought-provoking, and at the same time, real and playful. I enjoyed it very much. Her taste in music is excellent, too!;-) I can recommend her workshops wholeheartedly. Thank you for the experience!

Davida Cohen

I just completed the L1 & L2 Points of You online class and was nicely surprised at how doing it online worked so well. I am hearing impaired, and it really enabled me to hear clearly and stay focused. Sezin was able to lead it with such ease, and her coaching style is clear and concise yet compassionate and non-judgemental. It was a true growth experience.

Lennie Disanto

It was a true pleasure to have Sezin as my Points of You facilitator. She has incredible energy and created a safe and open environment where we all felt like we belonged. A beautiful soul. Thanks, Sezin

Alithu Castro

I have attended a few Points of You sessions led by Sezin, and I think she is a 5-star facilitator. She is very authentic, open, and skilled at creating a magical atmosphere and adapting to her group. She does a great job holding the space for everyone to feel comfortable participating and safe sharing. I have experienced her level 1 workshop both online and in person and both formats were wonderful in their own ways. You get something new for yourself every time. Level 2 goes deeper and helps you see within yourself at a more profound level. It was also a great experience. I think any workshops led by Sezin have that “magical” feeling that is unique to her, plus her knowledge of the tools she uses really shows.

Chris Roythorne, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer, BP

Like many organizations I work for is performance driven-its data driven-and people like to see the proof that something works. HeartMath® gives you that proof.

Tag Saab Soufia

Sezin is an amazing facilitator and coach. She has her own way of making participants feel actively engaged every minute during the workshop. I love her pace, tone, active listening, and attentive, proactive approach.

Denise Lasky

School Psychologist

Sezin is a great Master coach. I enjoyed every minute of the training; she's professional and compassionate and makes space for letting processes happen. Thank you, Sezin, for your guidance and the passion you put into every training.

Bob Morgan, President

Council of Growing Companies

... A wonderful, effective path to serenity for crazy, busy executives. The program not only works as a "problem fixer," but more importantly, it enriches one's life ... Equips you to cope not only with all the stress in life but then goes way beyond in introducing positive, lasting changes.

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