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Corporate Workshops

Enriching learning experience through interactive workshops

  • Custom price
  • Virtual or In-Person

Enriching learning experience through interactive workshops. Select from an existing workshop or let us create customized learning content based on your learning objectives and business goals. HeartMath® Peak Performance | 2 hours (In-person) This is an in-company training meant for teams and departments in organizations that want to improve resilience and reduce and regulate stress with a scientific and evidence-based method. In the training, you will work with the HeartMath® biofeedback software and sensor to measure your heart rate variability and heart coherence. Team Building | 2 hours (Virtual or In-person) Elevate the cohesiveness of your company with our dynamic team-building workshops. By centering on your organization's core values, we facilitate the cultivation of strong, positive relationships among your employees. Our workshops create an environment that not only promotes trust and harmonious teamwork but also nurtures a shared sense of purpose and unity within your teams. Are you conscious of your unconscious bias? | 2 hours (Virtual or In-person) Through meaningful dialogue, we will collaboratively define the nuances of unconscious bias and build a foundational understanding of how it subtly influences our decision-making processes. This workshop serves as a heartfelt invitation to expand our mental horizons, embrace empathy, and cultivate the ability to perceive and comprehend beyond the boundaries of our personal experiences. It equips us to proactively identify instances where unconscious bias may inadvertently guide our actions and behavior. Empowered Relationships thru Compassionate Communication | 2 hours (Virtual or In-person) Elevate workplace connections with an interactive workshop that focuses on fostering understanding and empathy. This transformative session empowers your team to cultivate deeper connections, contributing to a collaborative and harmonious environment. Equip your employees with essential communication skills that navigate interactions with compassion and authenticity, ultimately fostering a stronger and more cohesive work culture.

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